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Lawn Care ServicesTHE LAWN RENOVATORS provide free estimates based on our analysis of your lawn. We listen to you and customize a program designed to achieve the best possible results for a fair price. The following are some examples of standard fertilizing packages with specialized services.

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4-6 liquid fertilizer applications, optimally applied every 4-6 weeks.
Fiesta liquid Weed Control, applied as necessary.
Damage analysis and repair for surface insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworm.
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THE LAWN RENOVATORS use high-quality granular and liquid blended fertilizers designed to provide ample nitrogen for your turf.

Our liquid blend has soil conditioners added to improve soil quality and water-holding capacity while providing all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, required for grass to thrive.

Liquid fertilizer is most effective when applied to wet lawns as it is quickly absorbed without evaporation losses therefore liquid fertilizer is applied in the spring and fall.  Granular fertilizer breaks down slower and is more effective in the summer when the grass is growing slower.

Our product is safe for children and pets to be in contact with.

Fiesta Weed Control

Fiesta Weed Control is an iron-based broadleaf weed herbicide. After an application of Fiesta, the weeds start to turn black within hours, and slowly die. This product won’t harm surrounding grass or have any adverse affects on turf beyond controlling weeds.  Fiesta doesn’t require watering in after it’s applied. As with all of our products, it’s safe for kids and pets. All of our technicians are professionally trained and licensed from the ministry of environment to safely, and effectively apply Fiesta. Pictured below is a dandelion a few days after Fiesta has been applied.  It is turning black and dying.

Weed Control with Fiesta

Grub Control

THE LAWN RENOVATORS use nematodes for white grub and leatherjacket control. Completely natural and harmless to humans, animals, worms, bees and beneficial insects, these microscopic organisms dramatically reduce grub levels in lawns when applied properly. The microbes use the grubs in your lawn as hosts for their eggs, killing off the grub population in the process and increasing the nematode population – which continue to fight off any remaining grubs. Nematodes must be applied on a wet lawn, and the lawn must be kept damp for at least 24-48 hours for maximum results. THE LAWN RENOVATORS apply nematodes in early fall as that is when white grubs are most actively feeding which will also help to provide maximum results.

Soil Conditioner

THE LAWN RENOVATORS use a custom-blended soil conditioner which acts as a liquid top-dressing, enriched with nutrients and minerals. We combine it with products known to stimulate beneficial microbial activity in your soil. Because it’s rich in mineral content it works to help repair damaged or stressed areas of turf. Our Soil conditioner has a variety of benefits, including.
Our Soil Conditioner has almost all the benefits of the top-dressing at a fraction of the cost

  • Increased germination rates
  • Thicker, stronger grass
  • Increased chlorophyll content in the plant / grass
  • Promotion of microbial activity in the soil
  • Binds nutrients in the soil making them available for uptake by the grass
  • Improved moisture retention in the soil
  • Promotion of root growth
  • Neutralizes salt content from roadside plowing
  • Replenishes soil organic matter


Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

An aerator is used to extract “cores” of soil from your lawn. This improves the flow of oxygen and water to your lawn and loosens compacted soil. Compacted soil can lead to thinning turf, increased chances of turf diseases, pest infestations, and excess thatch.  Aerations allow for deeper root development promoting new grass growth. In Ontario heavy snow sits on our lawns each winter which is why we will always have a large issue with soil compaction. Aerations should be done yearly with the “cores” left on the lawn to allow them to break down again, recycling any leftover nutrients.

Lawn Aeration Benefits

Top Dressing

THE LAWN RENOVATORS will top dress your lawn with a ½” to 1” thick layer of top soil. This improves your soil texture and helps to replenish the nutrients and minerals that your grass consumes each year. Top dressing promotes new grass growth and helps to thicken your turf, reducing the chances of pest and weed infestation. Top dressing is also a great way to increase the water holding capacity of sandy soils. THE LAWN RENOVATORS use soil with a high nutrient content, in bagged form to eliminate mess on your driveway and an automatic soil spreader for even distribution. We can treat your entire property, or fix annoying insect and drought damaged patches that just won’t grow back.

Over Seeding

THE LAWN RENOVATORS use a blend of Kentucky bluegrass, red fescue, ryegrass, and chewing fescue.  Fescue grass seeds with endophytes are applied to discourage pest infestation, as their taste is undesirable to turf pests. A thick turf is much less likely to suffer from weed and pest infestations as well as turf diseases because there is not enough room for new weeds to grow strong roots and it is an unfavourable environment for turf pests. Adding seed at the time of aeration, or after a dethatching is a great way to improve seed germination.

Lawn Renovation

The Lawn Renovators premium renovation consists of:

  • Aeration or dethatching
  • Top dressing
  • Overseeding

Performing all of the above services at the same time, The Lawn Renovators premium renovation will produce the greatest results for your lawn. Golf courses top-dress and over-seed their course several times a year to maintain thick, lush turfs.

Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Is your current lawn dead, dying or non-existent? Sometimes a lawn can reach the point of no repair, or at the very least take years of work to repair it to a healthy, thriving state. Sod installation is recommended if ever these circumstances occur. THE LAWN RENOVATORS will remove the old grass layer using a sod-cutter, then till the soil to ensure it is loose enough for new roots to establish themselves. Next we lightly roll the lawn to ensure proper grading.  We mix in peat moss or sand if required and then lay the new sod.  We can help you to maintain your new, healthy lawn with any of our customizable lawn care programs.

Grass cutting / Trimming :

The Lawn Renovators use both push and ride-on mowers to provide efficient grass cutting services to all shapes and sizes of property.  Our blades are sharpened every two weeks to ensure the grass is cut, not torn. Trimming / edging is also performed on every visit to keep the lawn looking neat throughout the entire season.  We can either bag the grass, or use mulching blades that leave the cut grass behind to act as fertilizer (soil organic matter) for your soil.


Spiders can stain and make a real mess of the exterior of your property. An application of spider-spray, applied in Spring and Fall to the exterior of your home or business, will keep your premises (virtually) spider-free.

Snow Removal

The Lawn Renovators use powerful snow-blowers to clear the snow from your residential properties.  Snow clearing consists of clearing the snow from the driveway, sidewalks, and walkway and/or front porch of your property. We offer seasonal packages or per visit pricing depending on your preference. Snow is removed in a timely and professional manner.