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Underground Sprinkler Systems

Underground Sprinkler Systems for Your Lawn

Proper watering practices are key to maintaining a healthy lawn and an underground sprinkler system is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure proper watering. The ideal time to water is early in the morning around sunrise. The benefits include:

  • It saves  time and effort
  • Water at the ideal time, without having to get up early
  • Ensures efficient watering with no waste
  • It can save money by watering only when needed
  • It enhances the value of your property.
  • It’s programmable to water at the best time of day.
  • It’s programmable to water while you are on vacation  or away at home.
  • A well-designed in-ground sprinkler plan will ensure that areas of your property that are in full sun and need more water, get more water than areas that are in full shade.

All of our underground Sprinkler systems come complete with a 3 year warranty on all parts and labour*. We use high quality parts to ensure a long-lasting system.

*Warranty is dependent on using THE LAWN RENOVATORS blow-out and start-up services annually to ensure proper blow-out of the tubing, which eliminates off-season damage.

Call THE LAWN RENOVATORS Niagara: 289-219-4394  
or e-mail us at

Make an appointment to discuss your needs.  We will visit your property and provide you with a detailed plan and a written quotation for all work. We will call all utilities before we dig. After installation we will program your system and will provide full instruction to enable you to make any changes whenever you want to.

System Maintenance

THE LAWN RENOVATORS provides an after-sales service for blowing out the pipes in the fall and opening the system in the spring.  Call us in advance to book your appointment.

System Overview


Underground PVC tubing is run, generally at a depth of 8”-10”from the manifold to the sprinklers heads. The manifold controls the flow of water to the different areas (zones) of your lawn allowing control over the amount of water each area receives and when those areas receive the water.

Sprinkler Heads

There are two types of heads. Rotor Heads, which rise above ground level and rotate when they are in operation. The distance and radius of the rotor heads are adjustable and are normally used for large areas as they spray approximately 20’ to 45’.   Spray Heads are normally used in flower beds or gardens and on narrow strips such as at the sides of houses.

Controller / Timers

The timers are hard-wired into your home or business premises so everything can be adjusted indoors. The timers are programmed to tell the sprinkler system when to turn on, how long to operate, and when to turn off.  It can be programmed to operate on any schedule you require. We use Hunter X-Core controllers which are reliable, safe and very importantly, easy to use and program, allowing you to make changes to the amount of water and watering periods whenever you want to. The Lawn Renovators understand the importance of a controller that the owner is comfortable with to enable seasonal adjustments in spring, summer, and fall.

Zones / Valves

Normally an entire property cannot be watered at one time due to insufficient water pressure so the area covered by a sprinkler system is divided into zones.  A valve box / manifold is placed in the ground near the main water line. It separates the main water line into zones through the use of valves. The Lawn Renovators will plan each zone to run independently to ensure you can water each specific area as much or as little as necessary. Shady areas require much less water than areas that are open to the sun all day. Flower beds and gardens can be put on single zones to allow extra watering to plants and flowers if necessary.

Freeze Rain/Sensors

A rain/freeze sensor detects and measures the amount of rainfall and sends a signal to the controller/timer not to turn on if it’s raining or if there has been a recent rainfall which would eliminate the need for watering.   It also protects you in case of an unexpected frost.

Rainbird and Orbit Sprinkler ProductsOur Products

THE LAWN RENOVATORS uses professional grade Rainbird sprinklers and spray heads and Orbit controllers and valves.